Digital Disconnect
Digital Disconnect
Praise for Digital Disconnect
"A provocative and far-reaching account of how capitalism has shaped the Internet in the United States...a valuable addition to the literature on the digital age."
Kirkus Reviews

"A thorough and alarming critique of the corruption of one of the most influential inventions in human history."
Publishers Weekly, starred review
"Robert McChesney's Digital Disconnect is an informed and engaging account of the internet's history and likely future within the context of corporate-dominated U.S. society."
"The Internet can be a valuable tool...but as McChesney's important work makes clear, our political economy won't change with the click of a mouse."
"An excellent analysis of the problem where a medium with the capacity to empower people is itself becoming a tool of social control."Daily Kos
"Sleek, carefully plotted, and meticulously researched."
Boiling Frogs Post
"As always, McChesney produces a wealth of figures to support his case, and his arguments for a more democratic internet should be heeded by anyone interested in the future of journalism."
"In his new book, McChesney cogently lays out grim Internet realities."
Huffington Post Media
"Ultimately, students, scholars, and activists can gain much from this work." 
"In his new book, McChesney cogently lays out grim Internet realities...Compared to Digital Disconnect, the standard media critiques of the Internet are fairy tales."
"McChesney sets down a powerful charge sheet that any more reassuring accounts of digital dynamism will need to engage with...This is an immensely impressive and highly recommended examination of modern communications and economic power."
Digital Journalism
"A highly significant, socially relevant, and timely contribution to media and culture studies...and is accessible to a broad field of readership."
Journal of American Culture
"In Digital Disconnect, Robert McChesney offers a groundbreaking critique of the Internet, urging us to reclaim the democratizing potential of the digital revolution while we still can."
Between the Covers

"McChesney penetrates to the heart of the issue: Change the System/Change the Internet. Both/And—no Either/Or. Indispensable reading as we lay the groundwork for the coming great movement to reclaim America."—Gar Alperovitz, author of What Then Must We Do?
"No one knows this field better than McChesney, and with this book he has reached the pinnacle."
—Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive

"Once again, McChesney stands at the crossroads of media dysfunction and the denial of democracy, illuminating the complex issues involved and identifying a path forward to try to repair the damage. Here’s hoping the rest of us have the good sense to listen this time."—Eric Alterman, professor of English and journalism, Brooklyn College, CUNY
"A major new work by one of the nation's leading analysts of media."
—Juliet Schor, author of True Wealth